New AAPI Board of Directors

Congratulations to our new 2020 – 21 AAPI Board of Directors…

President Sarana Rogers, with Seven Oaks Frame Co.

Vice President David Norton, with Time After Time

Secretary Jennifer “Jen” Ricci, with Old Time Portraits

Treasurer Val Martin, with Emma’s Old Time Photos

Tim Burke, Director, with Old Time Photo Supply

Lamont Edwards, Director, with Buster’s Old Time Photos

Susan Tharp, Director, with Judge Roy Bean’s Old Time Photos

30th Anniversary of AAPI

Antique  & Amusement  Photographers  International  will  be  celebrating  our  30th  Anniversary…

With a “Hooray for AAPIWOOD” old style Hollywood Glamour for the theme of our 2020 Convention & Trade Show which is set for January 28 – 30th, 2020.

The 2020 Convention & Trade Show will be packed with lots of great information for you and your studio as well as lots of fun looking back over the past 30 years.  Make plans to join us.
To book your room, call 800-675-3267 and use the discount code of Antique & Amusement Photographers International.  You can also book online at (use the A0AAC01 code online).  You must book your room before December 28, 2019 to receive the full AAPI discount rate.
Convention Registration is $224.00 per person up to 3 (after 3 it is $198.00)….  For Convention Registration… Click Here.

In Memoriam

We are sadden by the loss of members of our AAPI family…

Kenneth “Ken” Bennett passed peacefully in his sleep on July 25th 2019 at his home in Jackson Wyoming at 80 years old.  He was pioneer in the Old Time Photo Industry spanning from 1973 until he retired in 2008 .  He began his Old Time Photo career at swap meets in Southern California in 1973. He finally made his way to Wyoming in 1974 and setup a Studio in Cody Wyoming.  Then in 1978, he moved from Cody to Jackson Hole and opened DeJaVu Antique Portraits (now called Judge Roy Bean’s Old Time Photos) directly across the Teton Theater/Bunnery Restaurant.  He loved western history which gave him passion to create Old West Studios with a “classy feel” to many different set designs in the Old Time Photo Industry. He opened over 16+ Old Time Photos during his working career.   He will be missed.


Richard Millener with Millener Productions in Bear Lake, California died March 2019.  He had been a member of AAPI since 1993 and for the last few years, he had been our official Convention photographer.  Richard’s quirky ways and unique style left an impression on everyone he met.  He will be missed.


Jack Kimmins with Old Time Photo Supply died August 30, 2018.  He was AAPI’s biggest cheerleader, always encouraging membership to every new customer he met. He was the first to volunteer for any job and position. He was not afraid to put himself out there and be a little silly much to the delight of all.  Jack is irreplaceable. He will be missed.


Dallas Wade Dietrich died October 29, 2016 at age 68.  He and his wife Mary owned and operated several businesses in Rapid City, Spearfish and Keystone, South Dakota including Goodtyme Photos, which has been a member of AAPI since 2014.


Gail Pierce Larimer passed away November 19, 2016, one day after her 78th birthday. She was born November 18, 1938 in Stigler, Oklahoma to William and Kathleen Pierce.  She and her late husband Ted (who passed away in 2007) owned and operated the Eureka! Connection.  Gail was the Executive Director for AAPI from 1995 to 2010.  Gail will be missed.

Branners Honored with Service Award from AAPI


Carol and Colin Branner of My Antique Portrait Studio in Calgary were honored with the Antique & Amusement Photographers International Service Award. The award was present to the Branners on February 3 at the association’s 2016 Annual Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The AAPI Service Award is presented annually to a member or members who have gone above and beyond to help the Association. The Branners’ exemplified the award. They both have been a member of AAPI since 2008 and in that time they have served on various committees and helped behind the scenes at the annual conventions. Carol Branner was also elected to serve on the AAPI Board Directors for 2016 – 2018.

The Branners’ have owned and operated My Antique Portraits, a mobile studio, in Calgary for over ten (10) years. Their mobile studio travels around to different events and fairs throughout Alberta, Canada. For more information on My Antique Portraits, you can visit them online at or email them at [email protected].

Ruth Short inducted into the AAPI Hall of Fame

Ruth Short Honored

Ruth Short formerly of Short Takes Old Tyme Photos was honored at the 2016 Antique and Amusement Photographers International Convention & Trade Show held February 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Short was inducted into the AAPI Hall of Fame, one of the association’s highest honors.

Short, with her late husband Dana Short, were owners of the former Short Takes Old Tyme Photos studio in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The studio closed in 2013. The AAPI’s Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals who have made an important contribution to the old time photo industry and to Antique and Amusement Photographers International Association and are no longer in the industry.

AAPI is a professional association for photographers and vendors specializing in souvenir photography including antique or “Old Time Photos,” special events, historical re-enactments, and amusement portraits. Members are located throughout the United States and Canada, as well as several other countries. For more information, visit the AAPI website at

Jeff Mulvihill, Jr Honored with prestigious Glaser Award


Jeff Mulvihill, Jr. with instaimage Photography in Northern Nevada and Doc Wenzel’s Old Time Portraits in Monterey California, was recognized with the prestigious Martin & Bertha Glaser Memorial Award at the 2016 Antique and Amusement Photographers International Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 3rd. The award was presented to Mulvihill by Derrick Gillikin, the 2016 AAPI President.

The Martin & Bertha Glaser Memorial Award, the highest honor in the Antique & Amusement Photographers International Association, is bestowed annually to a member who has given years of dedicated service to AAPI and the Old Time Photo industry. Mulvihill exemplifies the award. He has been a member of AAPI since 2004 and in that time he has served on various committees and the Board of Directors. Most recently, Mulvihill served as the 2015 Chair of Communications and 2014 Treasurer of AAPI Board Directors. He helped revamp the Association’s website and has introduced new methods of communicating with members.

Mulvihill has owned and operated instaimage Photography, a sports, portrait and event photography business in Northern Nevada for over thirteen (13) years. He opened his Doc Wenzel’s Old Time Portraits studio in Monterey, California in 2007 which is located in the 700 building on Cannery Row in Monterey. Previously, the studio was located in South Lake Tahoe for over 20 years. For more information on instaimage, visit For more information on Doc Wenzel’s Old Time Portraits, visit