Upcoming AAPI Convention & Trade ShowSusan Crutchfield
Make plans to join us for…

The 2022 AAPI Convention & Trade Show

January 25 – 27, 2022

Convention Chair David Norton and his committee are
planning our 2022 Convention & Trade Show (schedule
coming soon). The 2022 Convention & Trade Show will be
back to face to face. We have missed seeing everyone so we
are coming back together at the Orleans Hotel & Casino
(click here) or call 800-675-3267 (use Antique & Amusement
Photographers International). You will need to book your
hotel room before December 23, 2021 in order to get the
group discount (use the code AAA2C01).
Some of the seminars / roundtables will be Period
Correctness, Costumes & Props, Lighting, social media,
Sales 101, Marketing & Packaging, Recruitment & Training
of New Employees, post COVID protocols, Background
music in the studio / culture environment (the experience),
and the five senses of Sales. For a complete schedule, click
the link below.
The registration rate is $298.00.