Upcoming AAPI Convention & Trade ShowSusan Crutchfield
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The 2022 AAPI Convention & Trade Show

Convention Chair David Norton and his committee are planning  our 2022 Convention & Trade Show.   The 2022 Convention & Trade Show will be back to face to face.  We have missed seeing everyone so we are coming back together at the Orleans Hotel & Casino (click here). You will need to book your hotel room before December 23, 2021 in order to get the the group discount (use the code AAA2C01).

Some of the suggested seminars / roundtables are Period Correctness, Costumes & Props, Lighting, social media, Sales 101, Marketing & Packaging, Recruitment & Training of New Employees, post COVID protocols, Background music in the studio / culture environment (the experience), and the five senses of Sales.

Save $69.00 ($229) if you register by October 29, 2021.  After November 1, the rate will go to $298.00.  So, register now.