About the AAPI Photo ContestSusan Crutchfield

The Antique & Amusement Photographers International Photo Contest is held annually during the AAPI Convention & Trade Show. Since 1993, photographers from member studios around the world have submitted their photos in various categories to showcase their work and earn recognition from their peers. The contest awards First, Second, and Third place as well as honorable mention and Technical Excellence. Then, from all the First place winners, the coveted Best in Show is awarded.

The AAPI Photo Contest Committee developed the rules and categories which can be found on the AAPI website under Photo Contest. Entry forms can be downloaded from the AAPI website and must be paid prior to the entry deadline.  For the entry form, click hereThe deadline to enter is January 19, 2021.  For a list of all the Photo Contest Categories, visit Photo Contest Categories and for a list of the rules visit Photo Contest Rules or contact AAPI Headquarters at info@oldtimephotos.org or 860-578-2274.