AAPI CommitteesSusan Crutchfield

AAPI 2024 – 2025 Committees

If you have a question or suggestion for an AAPI Committee, you may use the following links to send an email to AAPI Headquarters. Your email will be forwarded to the membership chair for a response. We invite you to get involved in the association by joining one of our volunteer committees…​

2024 Convention Committee – Chair Hope Hitchcock

The Convention Committee plans presentations and events for the annual convention and trade show. The committee encourages you to fill out your Convention & Trade Show Evaluation Form to help shape future events.

Communication CommitteeChair Jeff Mulvihill, Jr.

The Communication Committee oversees the AAPI Flash newsletter, Facebook, the website, and the online forum.

Financial CommitteeChair Aaron Jorgenson

The Financial Committee oversees the financials and plans the budget for the following year.

Membership CommitteeChair Susan Crutchfield

Join the Membership Committee and help AAPI grow! Please consider volunteering your time to assist this committee.

Nominating CommitteeChair Scott Henry

The Nominating Committee coordinates AAPI elections and finds qualified members to be AAPI Officers and Directors.

Other Committees and Task Force (Non-Standing):

Member Services Committee – Chair Rachael Zuleger

The Member Services Committee coordinates AAPI member benefits and recognizes service to the association through service plaques.

Photo Contest CommitteeCo Chairs Todd Corneil and Scott Henry

The Photo Contest Committee coordinates the annual contest, including writing the rules and on-site logistics of running the event.

Master Photographer CommitteeChair Derrick Gillikin

The Master Photographer Program Committee oversees the Master Photographer Program, which aims to recognize photographic excellence and service to AAPI.

Sponsorship CommitteeChair Val Martin

The Sponsorship Committee offers members the chance to support the association’s sponsored convention activities and programs.

Silent Auction CommitteeChair Val Martin

The Silent Auction Committee oversees the Silent Auction at the Convention from collecting the donated items to inventory and set up.