Sandy Geroux, with The Wow Place, to headline at the AAPI 2017 Convention & Trade Show

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Sandy Geroux, with The Wow Place, to be the keynote speaker at the AAPI 2017 Convention & Trade Show…A lifelong student of human motivation, Sandy Geroux always strives to create WOW experiences for everyone around her, and her programs focus on helping others do the same. She has learned much of what she knows about respect, humanity and leadership through working in the corporate environment for 18 years, and through owning her own businesses since 1995.  She has a Masters of Information Systems Management degree with an emphasis on Marketing and is author of three books as well as contributor to numerous professional publications. She combines real-life entrepreneurial, entertainment, training and speaking experience with knowledge.  That  makes her uniquely qualified to not only inspire diverse audiences to achieve the success they desire, but give them practical ideas, tips and tools to help individuals succeed with their personal dreams while helping their organizations accomplish their top- and bottom-line objectives.

As our keynote, Sandy will deliver a fun and WOW educational experience. She will use her background to help AAPI find and close gaps that prevent our employees from delivering WOW service.

Learn more about Sandy visit her website (click here)